Compass specialist
Chuan Ching (C.C.) satisfies customers’ needs in terms of quality, service and packaging. Established in 1980 and began on export business in 1983. We are a manufacturer of compasses for military, educational, outdoor and camping purposes, also available in gift sets. Attaching heavy emphasis to technology. We are capable of producing more than 1,000,000 pieces compasses per month.
Emphasis on technology
Chuan Ching has expanded to total floor area of 4,630 square meters in 1995. We are equipped with about 200 pieces of European, American and Japanese production equipment. The technological strength do provides a solid background to produce quality products, and we have the highest measures ensuring the finest quality levels of production.
Cooperation with a Swiss company, we target at producing multi-functional compasses, and have yearly plans for research and development of new products.
Absorbing ideas of both customers and designers
Realizing that professional designers are one of the keys to making their products meet market needs, Chuan Ching stresses employing experienced designers, in spite of the high costs. Meanwhile, it cooperates with two design houses for better preliminary designs of products.
Both the ideas of customers and designers are important if a product is to fulfilled market needs. It is very challenging, and we try to incorporate them into our designs as much as possible, adding that all the appearance, accuracy, durability and functions are important to the design of a compass.
In-depth communication with customers
Upon receipt of an inquiry, we always have further communications with customers to find out what they need exactly, we provide a detail drawing of the design, which includes a drawing of the mechanical design and a relief map, for customers. If time allowed, we would also send a handmade model to the customers – it is the most direct way for customers to check whether the design meets their needs.
C.C. is also serious about quality control. Apart from implementing an IQC, it also carries out online inspections. Whenever a problem is found, we trace it back to its origin and see how it can be solved.
Sending samples in shortest time
Talking about customer service, another aspect emphasized by Chuan Ching is speedy delivery of samples. We always make the time needed for delivering samples to customers use the quickest methods available. It is one thing which our buyers values.
For promoting the company and our products, our own websites enabling customers to be informed of new products in a convenient manus. In addition to advertising in reputable trade magazines, it takes part in international trade exhibitions regularly.
Good packaging enhances company image
We realize good packaging is very efficient in helping a company build up its image. An excellent packaging can draw much attention from buyers, hence creating more business opportunities. We give our products good packaging so our customers do not need to out source packaging elsewhere. It is indeed attractive to buyers in addition to being reasonable in pricing and excellent in quality. 

Address: No.15, Lane 385, Kuang Ming Rd., Wuri Dist., Taichung City, 414, Taiwan